Beyond the Obvious

There will come times in your life when you feel stuck.

You have a question that you feel you need the answer to, in order to move forward.

It happens to everyone. It’s normal.


If you find yourself in this situation, there’s a process I would like to share with you that has helped me in these situations.

It’s simple. It’s straight forward. And I think you’ll find that it works.


Step #1: Sit or stand in one place and take 3-5 big, deep breaths. Breath in thru your nose, filling up your belly as full as you can, then fill your upper front lungs, then breath a little bit more into your back lungs… then slowly breath out thru your mouth. (Repeat 3-5 times)


Step #2: Close your eyes and clear your mind. Focus on your breath. Then ask your question out loud when you`re alone… or write it down. Think of your question repeatedly for about 90 seconds or more. Ask it as if you’re asking someone who is present who can give you the answer.


Step #3: Continue to take deep breaths and sit quietly. Sit and see what thoughts come into your mind. There may be more than one thought that catches your attention, so you may want to have a pen and paper present to write down the thoughts that come to you. These thoughts are potential answers to your question.


If you find that “inspiration” doesn’t strike you right away, that’s OK. Once you have asked your question, the answer will be presented to you, but not necessarily in an obvious way.

You need to be attentive of your surroundings. You need to look beyond the obvious.

Consider the signs you see while you’re driving. The songs you hear on the radio. Maybe a song will pop into your head. The conversations you have with people. Be aware of the things that jump out at you and grab your attention.


Be open to receive.


I practice this process for inspiration often and it’s crazy how the answers to my questions come to me in my life.

When I get my answer, I have to take a moment to appreciate just how magical this process can be. So simple, yet so effective.


Success Enabling Insight:


Look beyond the obvious


The Universe has been known to work in mysterious ways. When you ask for the things that you want in your life, opportunities will be presented to you that can bring you the things that you are asking for. It’s up to you to see the opportunities that are presented to you. Sometimes those opportunities are presented in situations that “appear” to be disastrous. If you look beyond the obvious, you may be able to see the opportunity that is hidden within the apparent disaster.


Rarely will the opportunities be obvious… but there will always be opportunities.


Much like the incident with the minister in Louisiana. He found himself trapped on the roof of his church during an epic storm that was causing massive flooding. The minister was not worried, though. He asked for God to protect him and he knew he would.

As the flood waters rose, a rescue boat came by to save the minister. He told the rescuers that he would be OK. God was going to protect him. So, the boat went off to save others in need.

The minister stayed climbed on to the roof as the flood waters continued to rise.

Eventually a rescue helicopter flew over and the rescue team pleaded with the minister to climb aboard.

The minister continued to refuse, stating that he had faith. God would save him.

As the flood waters reached seriously concerning levels, another rescue boat tried to coax the minister to safety. They tried and tried to reason with him.

As with the others, the minister explained that God was going to save him and he sent them on their way.

Soon after the last boat left, the flood waters consumed the minister and he drowned.


The minister then found himself standing outside the pearly gates of Heaven.

St. Peter was there, tending to his post.

The minister approached St. Peter and said to him, ”I don’t understand. I’m a good Christian. I pray. I go to church. I’m a Minister, for Heaven’s sake. Why did God not save me from that flood?”

St. Peter chuckled and patted the minister on the back and said, ”We sent you two boats and a helicopter… what did you expect?”



If you expect the hand of God to come down from the sky to give you a hand written letter with the answers to your questions or to give you the million dollars that you have been asking for… It could be a long wait.


My suggestion… if you’re going to expect anything, expect the outcome that you desire.


If it’s the answer to your question. If it’s an inspired idea. If it’s something you want in your life. Expect that you are going to receive it.

HOW it comes to you doesn’t really matter. You will be sent your “two boats and a helicopter”… the question is whether you will recognize them to be the ticket to the outcome that you desire.


Start to make it a habit to look beyond the obvious for the answers or the inspiration or the opportunities that are being presented to you.

They are being presented.


Article by John Lomas

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