Who do You listen to?

Over the past several years, I have been introduced to a number of concepts that have been very valuable in my personal development and have led to many successes in my life, since I started applying them.

When I reflect back on the things that I have learned, the things that I have applied and the concepts that have contributed the most to success in my life, I think that “The 4 Basic Principles of Success” are amongst the most important.

“The Basics” are the foundation for achieving success in your life. Without a strong foundation, everything that is built on top of it will not be stable… so I urge you to get to know The 4 Basics as well as you know your own name.

Issues that you may encounter years from now, when your abilities have been further developed, can likely be traced back to a crack in your foundation. You always want to apply The Basics, regardless of how advanced your success skills may be.


Success Enabling Insight:

Basic Principle #1 – Who Do You Listen To?


There are many, many sources of information available to you in this day and age. From books, magazines and newspapers to Google, YouTube, TV and so on.

The challenge with all of the information available is the ability to discern what is the most true or relevant to you.

When it comes to Success and Money Making Secrets or Techniques, if you look into some authors or presenters, you will find that they do have an abundance of money… however, it was not generated by using the technique that they’re selling.

They actually made their money selling books, audios and seminars teaching their “concept”… which they haven’t even proven to work in their own life.

Or maybe you have read some books by rich and powerful businessmen like Donald Trump or Richard Branson for example, to understand how they got to where they are in life.

The challenge with those books is that they weren`t written by the successful businessman. The book is generally written by a ghostwriter, based on an interview with the person on the cover. So, you usually aren`t getting any of their real success secrets.

So, who DO you listen to?

For best results in life, you want to,


Listen to people who Have what you Want and who have been where you are.


Once you define your dream and get a burning desire for its achievement, you will be directing your focus on the achievement of your dream… not on the How.

If you can engage in conversations, listen to seminars or read Autobiographies by people who have what you want, you will be introduced to the “How” that worked for them. You may also learn of some mistakes they made along the way towards having what you want. Learning of their mistakes will save you time, as you won’t need to make those same mistakes yourself.

Also important, is to listen to people who have been where you are. If they have what you want, but they went to Private School, then on to Harvard, while you went to Public school then to McMaster… your journey to having what you want will be quite different and the steps that they followed likely do not apply in your situation.

For me, personally, I find that I apply this basic principle very regularly.

Whenever I receive an email, attend an event, read a book or even converse with people about any topic, I consider whether they are a source of information that I should listen to.

I ask myself questions like, Do they have what I want? Have they been where I am? Is their information proven? Have they applied it in their own life?

I would recommend that you ask yourself similar questions and be aware that what most people consider to be Facts are in fact, just someone’s opinion.

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