Success Training


Sometimes the best way to achieve what you are aiming to achieve is to engage the support of an expert to help you get there. I offer a number of consulting packages that vary. My objective is to help my clients achieve their current goals and set them on the path to creating the life that they desire.


In an effort to enable you to achieve more success and happiness in your life, I have a library full of audio training material that will help improve your understanding of the principles of manifesting and what you can do to help you manifest things faster than ever in your life experience. Your manifesting abilities are similar to the muscles in your body. If you wanted stronger muscles you would feed them and exercise them every day. If you want a stronger manifesting muscle, audio training is the food and putting it to practice is the exercise.


My goal is to enable you to create more success and happiness in your business and in life. That’s why they call me Your Success Enabler. I have a number of Free training videos designed to help you do just that. You are welcome to access my library of Free Video Training’s any time you like. You may want to check back on a regular basis, as I am always adding new video training to the library to help with your on-going development. Enjoy!


What my clients are saying

I used John’s technique to manifest what I really needed, which was a back massage… within a few weeks I was randomly contacted by a friend to come to her place for a Free massage. I just saw the message and laughed. I was like, “Come on. No… it’s not possible.”

Tessa M.

John’s NewJobNow program helped me envision a job that I never thought I could gain at this point. I was amazed when I had a job opportunity fall into my lap and I didn’t even believe it at first. I cried. The hours are so much better. The people are so much better. And I’m getting paid more than 30% more that I was previously. I texted John right away to tell him, “I’m amazed… I’m so incredibly grateful, because I couldn’t have done this on my own.”

Tori W.

About us

Welcome to Your source for Inspiration and education on how You can Manifest the Life of Your Dreams. Life is a journey… an Adventure. The more you Dream… the greater your experience can be in this lifetime. It’s about Family, Friends, Love and Relationships that make You feel Good about being you. Join me on a Journey of Self Discovery. An inward Journey of getting to know who You are… and what You are truly capable of in this Life. You have Unlimited Potential within you and together we are going to unlock Your Unlimited Potential, so You can live the Happy, Healthy, Successful and Wealthy Life that You were born to live.

Your Success Enabler