About John

John Lomas is an author and Success Enabler for individuals and businesses.

John got his start as a Consultant in the field of Project Management in 2007 when he formed his own Consulting Company, working in partnership with ASL InfoTech inc.

Initially the Company focused on projects for large utility providers in the greater Toronto area, before expanding their business into engineering projects for manufacturing businesses, internationally.

John has a great story of how he found his true passion in his spare time while intensely studying the practices, habits and procedures used by some of the most successful people in the world. After several years of applying these principles in his own life and experiencing the benefits, he decided to incorporate them in his business consulting practices.

John went on to develop success training and leadership development programs that he implemented with clients in the wealth management industry and the manufacturing industry, while also working with individuals. His main focus now is helping other people to achieve what they want in life.

John recently authored his first book, Your Success Enabler – Volume I: Practices, Habits and Procedures Used to Make Your Dreams Become Your Reality.


John currently resides in Burlington, Ontario, Canada though he works with clients internationally. He can be reached at John@YourSuccessEnabler.com.