Dream Boards

Dreamboarding... one of the most powerful exercises you can use to help manifest your desires faster than ever in your life.

This is one of my favorite Dreamboards that I have created. One thing you will notice is that once you start using Dreamboards, you will end up creating more than one... because the dreams you post on the first Dreamboard will come i
nto your life... so you will start dreaming of other things that you want in your life... and because the first Dreamboard worked so well, you will build a new one. And then another one. And another and another and another.

When you are using the Law of Attraction to attract the things that you Want in your life... instead of things that you Don't want, it helps to focus your thoughts on those things that you Do want. You also want to get a clear picture of what you desire in your mind. What better way to do that than to look at pictures of the things that you desire on a daily basis, so the images of those things are permanently ingrained in your mind.

That's just one of the benefits of having a Dreamboard. A beneficial side effect of having a Dreamboard that you look at every day is the way it will make you feel. When you look at images of the things you desire and imagine yourself in the picture, living the life where you already have those desires... well, that's pretty powerful, too.

I think you will find that the process of looking for images of the things that you desire, while you are building your Dreamboard, is a pretty fun process, as well. My recommendation is that you take some time one afternoon or evening and go thru this exercise. You can use pictures from magazines, pictures you have taken yourself or print images from the internet. Then get some glue or tape, some scissors and a piece of bristle board. Maybe you want to have a few friends over to have a Dreamboarding party. Have fun with it!

Once you have created your Dreamboard, find a good place to put it up. Somewhere that you will see it every day... or almost every day. I used to put the pictures up around my cubicle at work... where I spent most of my waking hours. It made me feel good during my work day, inspired me to work harder... and attracted a few comments from intrigued co-workers.

I used to have one of my dream cars on my Dreamboard... now I look at it in my driveway. I can tell you that this powerful process works... but only if you apply it.